Monday, October 3, 2011

Adobe Decides They Love PhoneGap Too

As I am getting started with my next PhoneGap implementation for a mobile application, I noted that there were a couple of new blog entries on the main PhoneGap site and found this little piece of news: Nitobi (PhoneGap's creator and ongoing contributor) is being acquired by Adobe!

Some might look at this as a scary or even negative event for the community, but the blog goes on to spell out what is happening (and what is not) in a nice FAQ format.

Another great takeaway from the posting is that the code is being donated to the Apache Software Foundation for ongoing maintenance and stewardship and is going to be given a new name: Callback. It's worth noting, however, that the PhoneGap team doesn't appear to be settled on the name as implied in their wiki entry found here.

The great news is that Adobe appears to be in full cooperation and support of these moves and that should leave the community with a good feeling that this isn't something that will be swallowed up or converted from free to expensive.

As the acquisition moves forward and the PhoneGap SDK morphs, I will post updates.

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